ABOUT 2020

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications (October 24-26, Ankara, Turkiye)

“Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High-Tech Device Applications”

October 2-4 2020, Ankara, Turkey

Experts from Gazi University, Iskenderun Technical University, Igdır University and other Universities from Turkey, in collaboration with experts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA are organizing an international conference on advanced materials science & engineering and high tech. applications, renewable and solar energy, energy management and development, medicine and nanotechnology applications, powder metallurgy, joining techniques, boron tech., advanced manufacturing, 3D…


Advanced materials science & engineering and high-tech device applications and materials are emerging as cornerstones for establishing knowledge-based industries. Nanotechnology has advantageous features for research, industry and commercialization. Advanced materials and nanotechnology have applications in energy conversion and storage and LED lighting, optoelectronics, biomedical, agricultural and food and mechanical and thermal applications as well as commercialization issues.
Keynote speakers from the Turkey, USA and all over the world will present the case for materials and nano science and technology and engineering as key research area of the future. The lectures are meant for a wide audience of different backgrounds with the aim to encourage the local researchers,
universities and industry to engage in a future-oriented research, as well as
to springboard collaboration programs with the University of Illinois and other US institutions at all levels.

Invitation to attend:

This is a fantastic opportunity for members of staff, PhD and MSc. students as well as some undergraduate college students and high school students from any discipline in science, engineering and medicine/agriculture to explore the huge opportunity offered in the area of nanotechnology, regarded as key in research development and technological advancement. While submission of papers is encouraged, it is not a prerequisite to attend the symposium. The symposium will conclude with a business meeting in which human, technical, organizational, and logistical requirements for the establishment of a Turkish steering committee, which will discuss ways and means of integrating and consolidating the work being conducted across Turkey in this area as well as future plans.

Symposium Goals

The symposium aims at:
· Raising interest in advanced materials science and engineering and nanotechnology research and development and strengthening multidisciplinary multi-institution collaboration.
· Providing opportunities for networking and sustainable collaboration between researchers in Turkey, USA and international counterparts.
· Improving the quality of postgraduate programs in the relevant fields.
· Drawing a roadmap for the formation of a Turkish Research Hub.

· Societal Implications of advanced materials and nanotechnology  

Call for papers:

Interested researchers are invited to submit papers to the symposium for short talks in any area of science and engineering, where simulation has been utilized to conduct the research. There will be some slots for oral and poster presentations.


Interested researchers are invited to submit their abstracts no later than July 31, 2020 and full papers no later than September 6, 2020 to the abstract upload system. Fulll texts will be uploaded to the system by using supplimentary materials on September 6, 2020.

Submissions will be reviewed by a scientific committee (double blind peer reviewes) will be notified on the status of their submissions no later than August 9, 2020.

Conference Themes:

· Advanced Materials

· Advanced Manufacturing

· Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

· Thin Films

· Nano wires

· Bionanotechnology: Ag, Food, Environment, Medicine
· Energy and Sustainability
· Electronics and Sensors
· Energy

· Energy management and energy development
· Youth outreach (training and awareness and hands-on interactive activities)
· From Lab to consumer and open innovation


-Plenary Session
-Keynote Speakers
-Panel Discussions: Advanced MSE and Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship
-Round Table with Graduate and Undergraduate Students: Careers, Networking, and Research


-Youth and School sessions (in parallel)
-Engaging Industry
-Building a Multidisciplinary Innovation Ecosystem

All accepted and then selected papers will be considered in one of the journals (indexed by SCI, SCI-E, ESCI, Scopus, Google Scholar, Ulakbim Tr, …) with their extended versions.

For further information:
you may contact the Conference coordinator, Professor Hakan Ates,
Gazi University, Ankara [email protected]