Bıomedıcal Engıneerıng & Green Nanotechnology

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications (October 27-29, Ankara, Turkiye)

“Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications” 

Biomedical Engineering Session

Biomedical engineering has a comprehensive field of expertise in biology and engineering for the solution of problems encountered in the field of medicine and biology, which goes beyond the traditional engineering understanding. Exhibitions new approaches to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring, by displaying a new perspective on the main problems encountered in biology and medicine. In this context, it is open to presentations including developments in Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine, Biomedical Imaging, Nano-Medicine, Biomedical Electronics, Bio-Nano, Nano-Bio Technology.

Green Nanotechnology Session

Introduction to Environmental Nanotechnology, Manufacture of materials using environmentally friendly procedures, Positive and negative effects of technologies at nanoscale on environmental pollution, Importance of nanotechnologies on environmental technology (Water treatment applications etc.), Nano-sensors for detecting pollutants, Effects of nanoparticles to environment, Effects of nanoparticles to human, Fundamental properties (transport, aggregation, deposition etc) of nanoparticles in different media (Water, air, soil etc.), Nanotechnology in energy production and utilization of renewable energy, Characterization techniques of, Scientific researches and regulations that should be done in the future related to nanotechnology.

Session Chairs

Prof.Dr. Necdet Sağlam

Prof. Dr. Ömür Çelikbıçak

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maxim Solovchuk