Boron and Related Compound

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications (October 24-26, Ankara, Turkiye)

“Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications” 

Boron and Related Compounds

The boron element exhibits different binding characteristics and it can form crystal structures having a wide range of properties in 2-D and 3-D. They have unique properties such as high hardness, ultra-incompressibility, wear resistance, high melting point, superconductivity etc. Due to these broad property family, boron can be an alternative to carbon for some research areas. Thus, the experimental and theoretical studies focused on the boron and related compounds can generate impressive information for the possible applications.   

Main topics

  • Boron and boron-doped 2D/3D materials (borophene allotropes, sheets, ribbons, clusters, tubes, different types of boron phases, new boron phases and boron-substituted crystal structures)
  • Boron products and their potential applications (fibers, textile, armors, construction materials, nuclear plants, coatings, cleaning, agriculture etc.) 
  • Production of boron products (chemical processes and solid state methods)
  • Boron minerals 
  • Battery and energy storage systems (graphene-like systems, alkali metal borides, hydrogen storage etc.) 
  • Structural, electronic and mechanical properties (elastic moduli, hardness etc.) of boron and boron-including materials (α-boron, boron carbide, rhombohedral systems, boron nitride, transition metal borides etc.)
  • Superconductivity in boron systems (MgB2-type crystal structures, nanolayered systems etc.)
  • Thermodynamic properties of boron and boron-including materials (pressure and temperature applications, phase diagrams, and phase transitions)
  • Boroglass, Ceramics, MAX phases and high entopic ceramics 
  • Nanolaminated and boron-layer including crystal systems 
  • Related experimental and theoretical studies
  • Energetic boron compounds
  • Flame retardants and high temperature resistant dyes
  • Crystalization and purification
  • Advanced boron end products
  • Armour materials
  • Radar absorption materials
  • Boron and its compounds used  in fertilizer and agriculture
  • Boron Applications in Dyes and pigments, antifouling, anti bacterial dyes
  • Boron in magnetic materials
  • Used in Fuel Cells
  • Boron in Defence Industry
  • Boron in pharmaceutic and health applications
  • Materials impregnated with boron
  • Boronizing of Materials
  • Organoboron compounds synthesis and applicatons
  • Boron isotops and used in radiology and nuclear industry
  • Applications in Detergents, Bleaching and surface cleaning agents
  • Alloys with Boron 
  • Boron in car air bag applications
  • Polymers with boron

Session Chairs

Prof. Dr. Metin GURU

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sedat Surdem