Polymers; Synthesıs, Characterızatıons and Kınetıcs

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications (October 24-26, Ankara, Turkiye)

Join us at the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING AND HIGH TECH DEVICE APPLICATIONS, taking place from October 24-26, 2024, for an enlightening session dedicated to the world of polymers. This session aims to explore the cutting-edge advancements and innovative research in polymer science, offering insights into the latest trends, techniques, and applications that are shaping the future of materials science and engineering.

Our comprehensive agenda will delve into a variety of topics within the polymer domain, including but not limited to:

  • Polymer Synthesis, Reactions, and Kinetics: Understand the foundational processes behind polymer development and the dynamics of their reactions.
  • Polymer Structures: Explore the intricacies of polymer architectures and their impact on material properties and applications.
  • Polymers Processing and Engineering: Dive into the techniques and technologies for shaping and manufacturing polymer-based products.
  • Physical Properties of Polymers: Gain insights into the mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of polymers and their practical implications.
  • Polymer Surface and Interfaces: Examine the significance of surface and interface science in the functionality and performance of polymeric materials.
  • Functional and Smart Polymers: Discover the latest developments in polymers designed for specific functionalities, including responsive and intelligent materials.
  • Supramolecular Polymers and Self-assembled Materials: Learn about the cutting-edge in polymers that organize themselves into structures without external guidance.
  • Polymer Engineering and Rheology: Understand the flow and deformation behavior of polymers and their importance in processing and application.
  • Polymers for Nanotechnology, Composites, and Nanocomposites: Explore the integration of polymers with nanoscale materials for enhanced properties and novel applications.
  • Biopolymers and Bio-related Polymer Materials: Delve into the development and application of polymers derived from biological sources or designed for biomedical uses.
  • Polymers for Biomedical Engineering: Discuss the role of polymers in medical devices, drug delivery systems, and tissue engineering.
  • Polymers for Energy and Environmental Applications: Explore how polymers are contributing to sustainable energy solutions and environmental conservation.
  • Polymers from Renewable Resources and Biodegradable Polymers: Learn about advances in sustainable polymer science, focusing on renewable and biodegradable materials.

This session is designed for researchers, engineers, scientists, and professionals from academia and industry alike, who are eager to stay at the forefront of polymer science and engineering. Whether you are interested in the fundamental aspects of polymer chemistry, the latest in smart and functional materials, or the applications of polymers in technology and sustainability, this session will provide a platform for collaboration, learning, and discovery.

Mark your calendars for this must-attend session at the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING AND HIGH TECH DEVICE APPLICATIONS, and be part of the conversation that moves the science of polymers forward into new and exciting territories.

Session Chair

Prof. Dr. H. Ibrahim UNAL Prof. Dr. Hakan ATES