Powder metallurgy and related processes

Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications (October 27-29, Ankara, Turkiye)

“Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications” 

Powder metallurgy and Related Processes Session

As it is known, Powder metallurgy (PM) is a process term covering a wide range of ways in which materials or components are made from metal powders. PM processes can avoid, or greatly reduce, the need to use metal removal processes, thus drastically reducing yield losses in manufacture and often resulting in lower costs.

PM is also used to make unique materials which are impossible to get from melting or forming in other ways. A very important product of this type is tungsten carbide (WC). WC is used to cut and form other metals and is made from WC particles bonded with cobalt. It is very widely used in industry for tools of many types and globally ~50,000 tonnes/year (t/y) is made by PM. Other products include sintered filters, porous oil-impregnated bearings, electrical contacts and diamond tools.

Since the advent of industrial production–scale metal powder-based additive manufacturing (AM) in the 2010s, selective laser sintering and other metal AM processes are a new category of commercially important powder metallurgy applications.

Manufacturing concepts are rapidly changing and manufacturing processes are completely being redefined recently. Industry 4.0, digitalization and IoT are at the core of next-generation manufacturing technologies. Additive Manufacturing, considered to be one of the cornerstones of next- generation digital manufacturing, will replace some of the traditional manufacturing methods in several industries globally.

Aside from the PM and related areas, ICMATSE will provide a better understanding of Additive Manufacturing Technologies and industrial applications and increase awareness about this new technology. This cooperation between academia and industry will further extend the knowledge and the possible applications of additive manufacturing and ultimately benefit both. In this context, this conference will be one of the most important common platforms for academicians and researchers working in this field.

It is our pleasure to invite all of the scientists, academicians, business delegates, sector representatives, students and policy-makers from all over the world to attend the Conference.

 Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and High Tech Device Applications” invites researchers around the world to submit abstracts for presentation at our meeting. The session will feature exciting technical talks and discussions with experts, researchers, and up-and-coming leaders in aerospace. This is an opportunity to share your studies with international colleagues who are actively involved with advances in these technologies. Abstracts will be double peer-reviewed. Acceptance will be based on content, available space, and overall program balance. Opportunities for oral presentations will also be available, with details to follow.

ICMATSE also provides student participants with opportunities to exchange ideas with leading researchers and engineers from worldwide, as well as with students and faculty from both domestic and international universities. Student participants will learn the most advanced, the latest research areas and results in powder metallurgy fields of interest. These opportunities will not only improve the students’ knowledge in the field but also develop scientists and engineers who are ideally suited to create the next generation of designs in powder metallurgy and metal additive manufacturing that will push materials and manufacturing capabilities.

Session Chairs

Prof. Dr. Adem Kurt and Prof. Dr. Rahmi UNAL